Great Pairing


NOTE: The intent of a post like this would be to share what makes Project Yoga different from just a mindfulness or meditation practice. 

The practices of both go hand in hand. In essence, yoga is a practice of "mindfulness in motion" that uses poses to promote awareness of the present moment. 

Imagine a child who is living in a home environment that is hard to thrive in or rely on. Their lives are in a constant state of uncertainty. Project Yoga taps into true "mindfulness" benefits by teaching yoga poses that allow a stiller mind to surface. Edit this section to address the PY difference.

The concept of move the body, still the mind applies to adults. It is especially true with individuals who are living in crisis states. May who suffer from mental illness (1 in 5 of us do) are unable to be "mindful." In fact, many sit with negative thoughts and emotions more than what is healthy. Their own self talk can be negative. They don't have resilience when life throws the challenges. By acquiring knowledge of simple yoga poses accompanied by breathing techniques first, individuals can access "mindfulness" more regularly. 

joan donnelly