kOM Brew With Us ... Again


Join us for OMBREW 2018, a progressive mindfulness + sensory experience through FAB FERMENTS + LA TERZA + MY ARTISANO.

kOM brew with us as we taste, smell, touch + feel the delicacies offered by each of our event partners. An experience you won't want to miss.




Saturday, July 28; 12:00 - 2:30 p.m.

We'll meet at 607 Shepherd Drive, off I-75 at Exit 8, just north of Wyoming.


FAB FERMENTS was established in 2008 as a real food revolution. Their products are raw and filled with life.

Raw cultured foods have been praised for 1,000's of years for their numerous health benefits! They aid in digestion, boosting the immune system, increasing metabolism, and conquering allergies.

LA TERZA is a full-service artisan roasterie with coffee sourced from farmers around the world who are paid a living wage and are passionate about their work. Each coffee bean is roasted to perfection and shipped to customers and wholesale partners.

Not just a coffee shop, La Terza offers a full-service equipment maintenance program, coffee and espresso education and training, business consulting and courses, and more.

MY ARTISANO is the first Urban Creamery in Cincinnati with naturally-made cheeses inspired by fresh, soft ripen, and semi-hard European style cheese. 

Their unique cheese's character comes from dedication, passion, milk from grass-fed, happy cows and goats, and natural cultures. Each cheese is named to honor the community and its origins.