Week In, Week Out.

Over 30,000 individuals in Greater Cincinnati have learned the practices of yoga and mindfulness from Project Yoga. We're on the ground, in places where at-risk, in crisis or in need is a daily refrain.  

Project Yoga is pleased to be part of Cincinnati's movement towards 'whole person' approaches to mental health, wellness, physical strength, and resiliency.

The people we serve each have a ‘story.’ We’re not there to add color to their stories. We’re there to teach the practices of yoga and mindfulness expertly. And we’ll be back — week in, week out.
— Gina Fennell, Executive Director

Project Yoga gives underserved communities a chance to experience the emotional and physical well being that can result from the practices of yoga and mindfulness. Yoga postures are challenging--even the simplest ones build strength, flexibility and resiliency from the inside out. We teach breathing techniques, showing how the act of breathing mirrors how we feel.  We hone the skills of mindfulness. We teach how to be patient and gentle with ourselves. How to respond rather than react to difficult emotions, pain and stress. To us, learning how to stand on one foot is not as important as learning how to fall and get back up.

From a physical standpoint, yoga stretches not only muscles but the soft tissues of the body. That includes ligaments, tendons, and the fascia sheath that surrounds the muscles of the body. Project Yoga’s certified instructors are trained to teach to varying levels of ability and how to modify poses for safety. Modifying mindfulness practices and yoga poses to specific audiences is our forte. Project Yoga teachers know the intelligence behind moving and breath work. Our teaching style is straightforward and jargon-free. 


People can learn to be like plants, leaning into the light.

Schools with Project Yoga programs report sharp declines in behavioral incidents.  


We're ten years in.

We've been working in Greater Cincinnati since 2008. Project Yoga teachers are experienced working with pre-schoolers, grade school kids, teens, adults and seniors. Our classes in mindfulness and yoga are never one size fits all. 


Project Yoga classes are year round.

Consistency is key. We have over 45 teachers and assistants that ensure year round programs.


Breathing mirrors one's emotional state.

Project Yoga adds in simple breathing techniques at each class. Students learn to become aware of how they are breathing and it's effect on their emotional and physical state. 

PY-Joan Donnelly-StAls.jpg

With at-risk kids we teach how to diffuse anger and spark interest.

Project Yoga teachers working with these communities use trauma-informed techniques. 

We honor the aging process.

Project Yoga works with people aged 3 to 103. Florence Beaber (pictured) began attending Project Yoga's program at St. Paul Village at age 98 and continued until her passing in December, 2017 at 104 years and 8 months.