Your donation helps bring over a dozen Project Yoga programs to life each week. We're focused on bring yoga and mindfulness to at-risk and in-crisis communities. 

Suggested giving levels follow. Thanks for your support!

YOGI - $25   

SANGHA - $50

MALA - $108   When you give at the $108 level, you're helping to fund a class with additional teacher's assistants present to offer personalized attention.

MOUNTAIN - $250   When you give at the $250 level, your donation will pay for an entire year of Project Yoga classes for one participant!

EAGLE - $750    Give at the $750 level and you’re providing props for an entire program. Help people feel the ease in a pose, not the strain!

WARRIOR - $1,000   Fund one Project Yoga program for three months with a $1,000 donation, and Project Yoga will present a comprehensive curriculum tailored to the needs of the population.

HERO - $5,000   A donation of $5,000 funds a program for an entire year, including customized curriculum, all props and mats, and program management.